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REAL Photos bring back REAL Memories!

There are two sides to every photograph: The Image you see and The Memory behind it, Dan insures both are heartfelt, honest and REAL! Dan wants you to remember your REAL emotions, experiences and details from your once-in-a-lifetime event -what really happened, not just what the photographer made happen! Dan believes FAKE is a 'four-letter' word!

Spontaneous, Natural & Fun!

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Dan's passionate purpose is to unobtrusively document and archivally preserve the unique story of your exquisite wedding day --not dictate it for you. Dan's highly acclaimed, International Award-Winning images and unsurpassed talent for capturing all the beauty, charm and elegance of each event as it naturally happens has made him one of the nations' most trusted wedding photojournalists.

At 8 years of age in California with his mother's Kodak Brownie II camera, Dan started his hobby of photography -not knowing it would eventually become his full-time passion.

Dan majored in journalism and has over 20 years experience in newspapers. He has developed an impeccable reputation for unsurpassed quality and service. He has been preserving wedding memories for the past 12 years at over 420 soirees. His award-winning documentary, candid style creatively captures the distinctive moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours.

His 300-year archival storybook LeatherArt Albums will become cherished family heirlooms and will preserve your wedding-day memories for multiple generations. He isn't one of those 'shoot, burn-n-ditch' photographers who leaves you stranded. He will work with you every step of the way (as long as it takes) and fully guarantees ALL your finished products (including FREE retouching) to insure your ultimate dreams really do come true! He only has a limited number of 2010 commissions still available. Call or e-mail now before another bride books your date!

All the images on this website are from REAL clients and REAL weddings (not of models from photography classes). To maintain real honesty in advertising, these images are presented in their rawest un-enhanced form.

If you want to see some of Dan's enhanced images or images from his assistants please check out:: www.GreatWeddingPhotography.com.

Your well-meaning 'photographer friend' (as nice as she may be) really doesn't currently have the experience, equipment or skills to guarantee success. Dan understands that your event isn't about him, it's about you! ...He wants you to have 'Your Day, Your Way!' He believes the photography should be about your event, your event shouldn't be about the photography.

Dan's pricing is determined by your date, the number of hours needed and products required. Minimum packages include Dan and his assistant, website proofing, album design, CD and reprint credit. (minimums may apply for prime dates) Ala Carte and custom pricing is available for non-prime event dates. Call or e-mail now for more information.

Please note: The best chefs in town aren't selling raw ingredients and giving away free recipes --neither are the BEST photographers!

Member: Wedding Photojournalist Association National Press Photographer's Association, PPA, WPPI, NPS. Publications include: Southern Living Magazine, Southern Living Weddings, Jacksonville Magazine, Luxury Living, The Water's Edge, The Knot Weddings, Wedding Style Magazine, Premier Bride and Wedding & Reception Services Magazine.

Home-studio located in the historic San Marco area ~
1124 Riviera St.  Jacksonville, FL  32207 (904) 398-7668

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High Definition Digital Photography

" When Quality Matters "

By Jacksonville's International award winning wedding photojournalist Dan Harris

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"There are 2 sides to every photograph, the image and the memory behind it, we insure both are pleasant."

“Your image is your reputation and should be impeccable!"

We are storytellers and visual artists, we visually communicate in a universal language stories of; joy, love, quality, happiness, accomplishment, family, beauty, strength, teamwork, professionalism, elegance, fun & serenity. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is our goal to make a photograph for you that is worth 3,000! Professional photography is an Art, a Science and a Business. Sharing just the visual Art is only a part of our professional story. We have created this website not only to share thousands of our images (Art) but also to explore and share our philosophy and beliefs as it relates to the Science and Business of photography. We spend more time on our clients projects than on our own projects, that's why you won't see a lot of slick multi-media, self-promotional presentations here, everything on this website is the REAL DEAL from real client projects. Sit back, relax and enjoy (no need to fasten your seatbelts)... and let us know if you have any questions..

Bad Digital Photography = Blue Wedding Dress

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"Unsurpassed quality because we own our own lab and do all of our own processing and much of our own printing!"

We are a FULL-time (you can even speak to us during regular business hours!), FULL-service studio --here for YOU along every step of the way to insure your finished products are the best possible, we don't just 'shoot, burn and run' leaving you to fend for yourself. Too many people are learning the hard way when after their event they find their CD of images isn't of printable-quality. We will meet with you as many times as it takes to insure you get exactly what you need!

Visit our frequently asked questions regarding wedding photography. Shopping for a wedding photographer? Here's some things to consider before hiring your friend with a nice camera.

Should you hire a Consumer, Amateur, Pro-sumer or Professional Photographer? Please give us a call so we can help you with your decision.

Your well-meaning 'photographer friend' (as nice as she may be) really doesn't currently have the experience, equipment or skills to guarantee success! Dan has covered over 420 events in the past twelve years! He understands that your event isn't about him, it's about you! He wants you to have 'Your Day, Your Way!' If you hire Dan and his staff they will insure superior quality without compromise.
Consider this:

Every picture can look good on a computer screen or the back of a digital camera -You should look at LARGER prints or finished ALBUMS to reveal the real quality!

Don't settle for just a CD:
Digital Files on CD DVD

When you ultimately wanted a beautiful album:
Leather Art Albums

If you settle for a wedding photographer who only gives you digital files on a CD or DVD you may be disappointed when you discover that the CD or DVD of digital wedding files is incapable of giving you the finished products that you really wanted in the first place. Digital files of your event on CD or DVD is NOT a professionally finished, heirloom keepsake to be passed down for generations! It probably won't even last for five years! Our archival Leather Art wedding Albums and Photo Art large Prints will outlast any digital file on cd or dvd. In an emergency evacuation situation when you gather the few precious items that are of the most value to you and your family, do you grab a CD or DVD of digital files? or do you take the family wedding album? Dan Harris PhotoArt is a full-service photography studio that includes complete re-touching and editing for free and guarantees the quality of ALL of the finished products! If you settle for less, your only event photography keepsake may just be a useless, deteriorating, useless shiny CD or DVD!

Business Content: A quick note to the ORPHANED bride: If your photographer left you out in the cold with only a CD of your hi-resolution images (or digital negatives) and you don't know where to turn or who to trust for professional help, we can provide complete design, editing, retouching, printing and album services. We can make the photos the best they can be (maybe not as good as if we took the pictures ourself, but we will try). Our complete album design service starts at $500. E-mail us for more information. Please note: all price quotes are non-binding until we see the actual files you will be providing to determine if a quality product is capable of being produced from the CD files you provide.


~ "Capturing the distinctive moment . . . for a lifetime of memories" ~

"Everything we do is customized for YOU! -- Your Day, Your Way!"

jacksonville florida wedding photography

"You won't find better quality at any price! You Deserve The Best!"

"Nobody tells your story better!"

The Assistant Photographers of Dan Harris PhotoArt are available for hire!

Dan Harris PhotoArt has 5 good assistant photographers on staff but Dan usually only uses a couple of them per week. (Most of them have full-time weekday jobs and only shoot weddings part-time in the evening or on weekends.) Many of the images on this website were taken by Dan's assistants then edited and retouched by Dan. If you are on a tight budget, Dan's assistants have agreed to help you out by shooting your wedding for less than the price Dan charges. Dan and his staff will still provide all the pre/ post-wedding consultations, retouching and leather art album design, etc.

Call or e-mail us to set an appointment to go over everything..

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We provide enduring heirloom ART of a contemporary style, not fleeting fashions that fade!

Science Content: Professional Medium-Format true 16-bit images (at any size) have a clarity that even Full-Frame DSLR and Consumer Half-Frame Digital Cameras don't; Check it out:
digital sensor comparison

The quality is in the details. Medium Format Digital has an unsurpassed clarity (at any size) that isn't found in any smaller camera.
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Isn't photography fun! Taking and sharing photos of your family and friends, with the internet and modern digital technology, has become faster and easier than ever before. The new age of instant gratification! Just about everyone today is a photographer, some for fun, some for hire, we are all just on different levels!

To the consumer: Don't make the mistake of thinking your friend the 'picture taker' is a true 'professional' photographer! Just because someone can buy an expensive camera and call themselves a photographer doesn't mean they should. A professional photographer brings a lot more to the table than just the ability to take a picture. A less experienced photographer will take hundreds of pictures hoping to get a few good ones, a true professional will take hundreds of images and deliver hundreds of good ones. A true professional has the best experience, training, equipment, skill and talent to bring it all together! When you pay a professional you aren't just paying for someone to 'snap a picture', you are paying for expert consultation, valuable advice and creative input based on years of experience (including the best image selection, digital re-mastering and image retouching) to insure your images are the best possible representation of you, your event, your family, your product or your company.

The hobby of taking pictures isn't the same as the business of photography. One of the most difficult photography assignments (when done properly) is wedding photography, yet it seems to be where many inexperienced amateurs want to start, I guess that's why so many brides are dissatisfied with the photos from their wedding. A smart but inexperienced apprentice will properly educate themself then work their first 3-5 years in photography under the protective wing of an experienced pro to 'learn the ropes' and insure career success with limited failures prior to breaking out on their own and then will 'break out' on easier photography assignments, not once-in-a-lifetime events. A professional doesn't meet you at the local cafe or coffee shop, doesn't get prints at the grocery/drug store and will know how to archivally store, preserve and reproduce your images so they will last multiple generations. Your image should be the best, don't pay for something less!

Consider this: The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!

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Executive Photographer's Summary

Dan Harris and staff are talented and honest visual artists using the best equipment, processes and proven technology to achieve superior-quality results at a fair price. Dan and his staff have a gift for seeing your vision and the talent to give you more than you expected in an experience that will be enjoyable for all while meeting your timetable at the price quoted! Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Southern Living MagazineTop Quality - Only the Best!

As an independent full-time Jacksonville Florida portrait, commerical and event photographer working out of a home studio location (since 1997), we offer unique top-quality customized photography services personalized to fit your exact photography needs. We never compromise on quality or service, We give only the best! --No matter the budget! We are exclusively unique and not the photographer for the masses. If our artistic flair meshes with your vision, we can have some fun making great images that you will want to enjoy and share for a lifetime.

We are up front, straight-forward and realistic about our photographic capabilities, our customers expectations and our pricing, insuring an enjoyable and satisfying experience for all. All our products are 100% guaranteed! If you don't like your photos, we re-do them!

(Please note: all the images on all of our websites are from actual client photography sessions ~the real deal~ , not from hired models, instructional photography classes or seminars.)

We design and maintain this website ourself --it's 100% 'home-grown!' Here's the wedding info site map. Unlike many websites that are only 'flashy billboards' on the information super highway, this site is designed to give you plenty of information and assist you in your photographic decisions. It's not as pretty as the ones the big designers get paid the big bucks to fabricate but it contains 98% less hype! ~enjoy! If you have a suggestion or find a problem with it, let us know and we will fix it pronto! For internet history buffs some pages are 'preserved time capsules' unchanged from when the internet first started, if you find them you know you have gone too far!

Dan the photo man --click for more info.Fair and Honest Pricingclick picture for map

We are not your 'traditional' photographers and don't believe in the 'loss leader' or 'bait & switch' tactics some photography studios use where they lure you in with a cheap price up front and then gouge you on the reprint costs and 'extras' later. At the time you commission us for our services you will not only know what you are getting for your money but will also know the price of any additional items. We won't brow-beat you for additional orders or add-on extras. We are not 'pushy salesmen' nor do we have the time to hound you for an order because we are kept very busy with our next client project.

As the old saying goes: "you get what you pay for." In today's market too many companies are trying to charge a lot of money for very little. (not our style) We don't skimp on quality or service! We insure our customers always get the BEST for their money. We are not 'cheap', because we know what our top-of-the-line quality products and expertise are worth, we insure our customers get their monies worth!

High Definition Digital Photography (HDSP or HDDP)

In 2007 we upgraded all our equipment to be able to provide professional HDSP (High Definition Still Photography). The images we capture today have greater depth, definition, dynamic range, color and clarity than those created just a couple years ago. See the difference High Definition Photography can make compared to Standard or Consumer grade Digital Cameras. We combine HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) with the principles that make HDTV (High Definition Television) to produce the ultimate in digital still photography ~ HDSP (High Definition Still Photography). The difference is similar to viewing regular TV versus HDTV.

When quality, color accuracy and superior detail are important, we use our best Medium or Large Format commercial digital camera (32, 64 or 96 megapixels) which can capture up to 65,536 possible tonal values per pixel with true 48-bit to 96-bit output. Most 'professional' DSLR cameras have a maximum range of only 4,096 (94% less) and the standard 'consumer' camera only captures 256 possible color tones (99.6% less).

Our images look very detailed and three-dimensional while still maintaining flattering skin tones. With recent advancements in archival output, our current professional photographic products will last for many more generations than the industry standard processes used just five years ago. Our prints and albums are archival and have been tested to not fade for over 300 years.

Professional Quality with Personalized Informal Service

Corporate customers and consumer green-screen clients can get top-quality waterproof images printed on-site / on-demand with our portable photo lab. (these are NOT inkjet prints).

We are willing to travel and offer Free photographic consultation by appointment. Although we have extremely high standards of professionalism and quality, our mode of operation is informal. You can call our office between 9 am and 6 pm (eastern time) daily. (If we are out of the office or with a client just leave us a message and we will get back to you) We have covered weddings as far away as Alaska!

Our personalized service, professionalism, eye for quality and attention to details extends well beyond our photographic skills and Professional Asst. Dean and couple hard at work!manifests itself in the finished products. Taking the photos is only half of our service, we assist our clients along every step of the artistic process including choosing, editing, croping and designing their finished artwork, albums and frames --this enhances the final outcome and insures total satisfaction on your unique 'one-of-a-kind' project.

Although we specialize in a realistic photojournalistic style of photography at events, we have the flexability to offer an extensive repertoire of photographic styles that blends technical details with creativity and photographic artistry to insure you get just what you want.

Amateur & Consumer Photography

With cameras changing from film to digital photography you can hear consumers everywhere, every day getting very excited about the picture they just took as they look at the little screen on the back of their new digital camera! They are amazed as they have never taken photos that look so good and of course the instant gratification of seeing them in seconds is enough to make one scream in a strange foreign accent while pinching themselves, "I'm as happy as a little girl!" The problem is most every picture looks good displayed on a 3" backlit LCD screen! Too often what looked like an 'awesome' photo on the back of the camera ultimately doesn't look as good when viewed on a full- sized computer screen or printed and is totally unusable in a commercial or professional application. That's when it is time to call a full-time, experienced professional!

Reality Check

There are many occasions where consumer digital (or even a camera phone) does a nice enough job, easier, quicker and more convenient than ever before. But advanced computerized technical wizardry doesn't a professional photographer make! Anyone who has played extensively with their digital camera and had their work printed, published or enlarged realizes there is more to it than just pushing a button on a sophisticated box of electronics. If the photography is important, don't skimp or do-it-yourself, hire a professional!

In the days of film you could recognize a professional by their professional equipment, today too many 'self-proclaimed professional photographers' are attempting to produce 'professional' images while using consumer-grade equipment. Many attempt to justify their lack of professional-quality equipment by saying 'the camera doesn't matter'. You don't hear a jockey say the horse doesn't matter, or a race-car driver say the car doesn't matter. Image quality has dramatically improved both on the low-end and high-end of the spectrum. Rather than striving for the best, too many people are accepting mediocre for 'good enough'. Taking magazine-quality images for publication is a whole different animal than just taking 'family' photos on the beach to display on the internet.

In critical situations it pays to hire a true professional with the best equipment and the years of experience, know- how, education, training and proficiency in lighting, composition and many other techniques (including computer wizardry) to get the job done right. We really shine in those difficult situations and requirements, try us and you will see. (Future customers and would-be photographers; follow this link to learn more about the businesses of photography)

2010 Industry Outlook - Technology is only a tool

As photographic digital technology improves most consumers have a false belief that the $800 camera they just bought is 'professional' quality. (film cameras never cost so much) Granted it is a marked improvement over anything they have owned before and mimics many of the settings contained on a $5,000+ professional camera but doesn't come close to the capability of a $48,000 Medium or Large Format Digital camera. What they don't realize is while there have been vast improvements in the consumer side of the business, there have also been major improvements on the professional side. Set an appointment with us and we will show you the difference between 'consumer/prosumer' and true professional photography. Not referring to the Art or Business side of photography, just the science side: the best tools in the hands of an experienced, well-trained professional still make the best photographs. Better equipment in the hands of an amateur still only makes better amateur photographs.

Photography has similarities to professional singing... just because everyone has a voice, doesn't mean they can or should sing (even if they say or think they can! --just watch American Idol for proof of that! --or listen to Dan in the shower -but not in the same room) and very few photographers really make it as full-time professionals! (just talk to your co-worker) Just because a person can buy a camera, likes taking pictures and takes some photography classes doesn't mean they are the best photographer for your specific job.

Prosumer Photographers

Today's new Digital technology has helped to 'blur' the lines between consumers and professionals. In fact, camera manufacturers have created a whole new class of equipment for the buyers they call 'pro-sumers'. These are the people who 'think' they are a professional and spend more on camera equipment than typical consumers but in reality are only 'advanced amateurs' or part-timers. The industry has created equipment, marketing, classes, etc. specifically designed for this group.

The problem with this new group of 'prosumers' is they often 'don't know what they don't know' and some misrepresent their capabilities. A professional photographer will make decisions and equipment choices based on producing the best quality for their clients project needs and will be honest about their capabilities and expertise. (We would rather be honest upfront and lose the job than lie to get it and disappoint you later or risk damaging our reputation). Ever since the dawn of photography, camera manufacture's have been working to make photography easier for the masses. It sometimes looks like they are trying to replace artistry with technology, but as always in the end, the talented artist will always be able to do much more than the technology alone can.

Too often the prosumer, 'aspiring photographer' will think more like a consumer and will make decisions based on their own needs (rather than the clients) --thus compromising the overall quality of their clients projects. Prosumers want ONE camera and lens that 'does it all', lightweight, automatic, easy to use. This is physically and scientifically impossible. Too often their choice of equipment is based on ease of use, convenience and their limited budget, none of which translates into any benefit for their clients. Some cameras are better at low-light situations, some have better wide-angle optics, some are superior in speed and agility while others have incredible levels of accuracy, tonal range and clarity, anyone who says their 'one' camera can do it all is mislead and ultimately only produces mediocre quality on most everything!

Camera Hobbyists

Serious hobbyists toying with becoming a 'professional photographer' and experimenting with photography will eventually raise their own education level and develop a true appreciation for the experienced professionals. It still takes 4-6 years of 'practice' to become proficient at photography. Too often the 'semi-pro', practicing to become a professional, can only deliver under certain circumstances (when the camera is set on automatic?)...some of the time. Photography is an Art, a Science and a Business... not many aspiring photographers are proficient at all three.

An experienced professional is able to draw upon their knowledge and experience to make the best decisions regarding how to use the latest technology to achieve the best end result. Technology is only a tool. As more technology options are developed in photography there will be more confusion in the marketplace requiring even greater knowledge and experience to know how best to apply that technology to get the best possible results.

Professional Tools in the hands of the Artist

Dan has worked for several newspapers over the years. Journalism was his college major. As an experienced photojournalist, he is well prepared to cover your events in both black & white and color, film or digital.

We own some of the finest professional cameras ever made (both film and digital) along with the best top-quality lenses - from10.5mm fisheye to 1680mm zoom. Digital and Film Medium Format (6 x4.5) and Full-Frame 35mm formats and Large 4x5 Format. We are able to handle most any situation. We choose the appropriate equipment / film / lighting based on your final output requirements.

References are available. We are pleased to refer many of the professionals we have worked with in the past. Call today to set an appointment to discuss your exact needs.

Consulting services are available starting at $395 for 4 hours (+ travel expenses if outside the greater Jacksonville area.)

New to photography? Just begining your search? Here's something to think about: What makes a good photograph?

"Dan, The photos you took for us are by far the best photos we have of our fans or our customers anywhere! That is a genuine compliment as we have hired photographers from all over the country and our library of images is quite extensive. . ."
~ Heather, Big Ass Fans Company, Kentucky

Attention: Event Clients from 1997 -2007 we have run out of room and are selling our old negatives
contact us immediately if you are interested in purchasing all your old negatives. (before we send them to the recycler)


History: Dan Harris PhotoArt started as a sideline business of selling archival Fine-Art photography (Photo Art) to supplement Dan's photojournalism income.
PhotoArt evolved into fine art Photography of art for artists (PhotoArtSlides.com) and grew to include portraits, family, children, newborns, seniors, modeling and corporate photography.

Although Dan continues to offer these services, he has become best known for his unique International Award Winning wedding and bar mitzvah and corporate event photography coverage.
Now in its 12th year, Dan Harris PhotoArt, LLC continues to grow and improve to create the best possible 'PhotoArt' for both your business and personal needs.

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Current Exhibitions:

Elizabeth Eagle

The Colors & Hues Under the Thorn Trees of Ndonyo Wasin
262 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York

Photography by: Elizabeth Brown Eagle & Liz Titone ~ Limited edition prints by: Dan Harris PhotoArt, LLC
Photography Exhibit and Benefit in Support of the ThornTreeProject.org and OrphansOfRwanda.org


Louise Freshman Brown

Collages By Louise Freshman Brown
Fairfax Gallery
4216 Herschel St.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Ph. 904-384-7724 

Limited Edition Fine-Art Giclees by: Dan Harris PhotoArt, LLC


whitney art reproduction

Whitney Oldenberg

Lab Gallery at MOCA JAX
333 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32202
Phone: (904) 366-6911

Photography of artwork by: Dan Harris PhotoArt, LLC


We accept ALL major credit cards:

We also offer ON DEMAND onsite printing (not inkjet) at your location (even if you don't have electricity!)
Call or e-mail us to learn more.

Click here to learn more about: WPPI awards/ print competition

New since 2006, all images archivally stored in a fireproof safe on:

jacksonville florida photography

Our archival 4x6 reprints are printed on genuine photographic paper, Professional Photographic (RA4) Kodak Portra Endura Papers for 100 - 200 years of lasting quality.

Member of:
BBB- Better Business Bureau
PPA- Professional Photographers of America
WPPI- Wedding and Portrait Photographers International
PPSNF -Professional Photographers Society of North Florida
Recent publications include: Southern Living Magazine, Bridal & Reception Services Magazine, Premier Bride, The Knot Wedding Pages, The Water's Edge, Worksource, The Iron Horse, Out in the City and The Locator magazine.
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